The Club's Founder

Major General Sir George Higginson, Major Wethered, and author Jerome k Jerome founded the club after the devastating British defeat in the Boer war, inflicted by the enemy’s superior shooting skills. On March 21st, 1907 a meeting held at the Marlow Institute (present day library) an agreement for the club was announced.

A shooting range was erected in the grounds of General Higginson’s house and thus laid the foundations for today’s Marlow Rifle and Pistol Club.

Original 1907 Documents 

The club still has all the records from the time of formation including handwritten minutes of the very first meeting.

The club is run by the members for the members on a not for profit basis and serves the local communities mainly in and around Marlow but with members throughout Buckinghamshire and the adjoining counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire. If you are interested in joining, go to our membership page for more information.

The club is allowed to hold up to 12 guest days a year when non-members may shoot. The members give up their time to run these events where participants are given a brief introductory talk on the history of shooting, instruction on the use and safe handling of club guns and then the chance to fire the guns under strict one ot one supervision.

At least 4 of these days are allocated to organisations like Scout groups or other voluntary organisations enabling them to introduce youngsters to the sport of target shooting in a safe controlled environment. Other days are available to bona fide organisations that may want to try out the sport as part of a group activity or team building event. Over the years we have hosted sessions for a wide range of organisations including Ladies Guilds, Chamber of Commerce, Local Authority team events, and company retirement nights.

If you are a leader of an organisation and interested in knowing more about the introduction to target shooting we can offer then please contact us.

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