At Marlow Rifle and Pistol Club, members can shoot a wide variety of rifles across different disciplines. Some require patience and concentration, while others require quick reflexes. Members can shoot in as many sections as they wish, and training is provided whether you are a new member learning to shoot for the first time, or an experienced member trying a different discipline.

Hover over the images below to see the different disciplines we shoot and click to find out more.


    Shoot static and turning targets using a variety of rifles in the standing position.


    Shoot highly accurate .22 rifles standing up, kneeling, and lying prone. At 25 yards the bullseye is barely 1/4 inch across!


    Shoot pre-charged and spring powered airguns at 10m range. This is a precision shooting discipline and members can compete in national competitions.


    Shoot large calibre rifles on civilian and military outdoor ranges. Distances vary from 100 yards to 1000 yards - over half a mile!