Precision Air

Electronic Targets

Shooting at 10 meters

Precision Airguns range from simple and relatively cheap through to highly sophisticated and extremely accurate target rifles used at Olympic level - Creating an ideal sport for the young and inexperienced through to the experienced competition shooter. Airguns are shot at a distance of 10 meters and always in the standing position.

At the Marlow club we have a custom-built mobile airgun bench equipped with electric target changers on which six shooters can fire at a time.

Airguns use simple lead pellets rather than powder-filled cartridges, which are a lot more expensive. For this reason, airgun shooting is cheaper than other shooting disciplines and ideal for youngsters and others with a limited budget. Whatever your age, it is an excellent way to get started in shooting. At competition level the sport is just as difficult, demanding and satisfying as any other kind of shooting.

The Marlow airgun section meets once a week. Training and safety tuition is given to all new members.

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Target Airgun



A Sophisticated Target Air Rifle