Three Position Rifle Shooting

Precision shooting is carried out either lying down in the “prone” position or in “3 position” - in the prone, kneeling and standing positions. Precision shooters use very accurate rifles and ammunition, supported by slings and other aids which enable great precision to be achieved. The calibre used is exclusively .22. At Marlow we shoot this discipline at 25 yards. Trying to hit a ¼ inch bullseye standing up is a real test of skill! An expert might on average expect to hit it 8 or 9 times out of 10.

Almost all Precision rifle shooters participate in competitions, and there is a wide range of these catering for all skill levels from beginner to Olympic class. Marlow Rifle and Pistol Club enjoys regular success in competitions and is well known and respected.

Prone Rifle Shooting

Precision section also regularly shoots at the outdoor ranges at Wendover and at Bisley. Some members regularly participate in events all over the country and indeed abroad. We have several members who have shot for their country.

Training and safety tuition is given to all novice members. We also have monthly advanced training sessions for improving and expert shots. The club owns several good quality club rifles of different weights and sizes available for use by members.

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Left Handed Precision Rifle